YouTube really is the closest thing there is to a huge-ass stadium filled with people, with a big fatass stage in the middle where literally every single person in the entire stadium gets a chance to go up on stage; whether they're funny, whether they're shit, whether the people love them, whether the people throw shit at them, they all get a shot. Which is honestly pretty fucking cool if you think about it.
~ Leafy describing YouTube

YouTube is a website where anyone can upload videos, although most of the content on the website is either people doing Let's Plays of popular video games or people reacting to other people's videos.

YouTube is well known for having a shitty and broken down completely fair copyright system that favors corporations over content creators that loves everyone equally!

Things You Can't Upload to YouTubeEdit

  • Movies or TV shows
  • Sexual videos
  • Criminal Activity (Unless you're a prank channel, in which case it's totally okay... most of the time)
  • Hate speech
  • Anything from Viacom
  • Anything from Studio Ghibli
  • Nintendo Let's Plays (Unless they're visually edited in some way)
  • Reactions to Riceman using clips from his videos
  • "Bullying" videos

Response to Harassment Edit

YouTube has updated their Terms of Service to combat cyber-bullying and harassment as well as including very vague descriptive examples of what constitutes harassment.

Because the examples were incredibly vague specific, this had the result of many smaller channels getting screwed over and in some cases banned off of YouTube.

Leafy has uploaded a video addressing how unfair the new Terms of Service are and talking about the line between criticism and harassment.

Trying to be "Advertiser-friendly" Edit

A rumor started that YouTube has recently updated their Terms of Service to make their website more "advertiser-friendly". Their new ToS bans thing such as "swearing" and "controversial subjects" and gives incredibly vague specific examples of what constitutes a violation of their ToS. While the changes were up for a while, they didn't start enforcing them until the end of August in 2016.

YouTube ended up shooting themselves straight in the foot with the ToS changes, as 80% of their content probably contains swearing. So congrats YouTube, you've actually managed to do something that hurts you AND your users, good job.

Trivia Edit

  • YouTube gave Leafy a strike because Milo Stewart claimed that he was harassing her, since this incident, Leafy still continues to criticise bully her.
  • It is one of the top social networks in the world, even with all the drama.
  • Many YouTubers use Twitter along with YouTube.


Welcome To Youtube!08:33

Welcome To Youtube!

YouTube's official beginner's guide (made by Jelloapocalypse)

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