I fuck dogs, get over it
~ Whitney openly claiming that she is into dog dick

Amy Lynn Lew (commonly known as "The Dog Fucker") is a pornstar and extreme LeafyIsHere fangirl having confessed her love for him on DramaAlert in April 2016. The porn she makes is impossible to fap to, partly because it usually involves her having sex with dogs and partly because she's ugly as fuck. She is currently running from the cops for shoving her finger in her pussy-hole and getting people to smell her finger afterwards.


On September 10, 2015, Whitney made a video called "10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs. The video was so great it got more than 56,000 dislikes.

She has also made a few videos involving incredibly disgusting stuff. These included: her eating a cricket, her licking her own panties, peeing on herself, stabbing an inflatable crocodile and telling her story about giving a blowjob to her friend's dog.

She also used to have a Twitter account before it got suspended.

On November 2016, Whitney was arrested because she made a porn video where she fingered herself, then asking unsuspecting males to smell the scent of her new "perfume" (which is actually her pussy's odor). The second video was where Whitney was involved in self-gratification at various Eau Claire businesses while customers, who did not know what was happening, where seen in the background.

In the same month, she made a sequel to her previous top 10 video titled "10 More Reasons why girls should have sex with dogs". The video was so great that it got more than 1,000 dislikes. She also has dated Jake Paul and Ricegum after dating them she went insane and did her dogs instead. Furries around the globe worship her because she has "stood up for them"



  • She revealed in an interview with Keemstar via Twitter that bestiality/zoophilia is not illegal in the state where she lives.