~ All the Weeaboos at the beginning of Leafy's video on Weeaboos.

Weeaboos are extremely devoted followers fans of Anime. They are mostly fat (or skinny) Americans who have chosen to forsake their own culture in favor of Japan, or at least what they imagine Japan to be. When called what they are, a weeb will typically reply with "Nuuuuuu, I'm an otaku", not knowing that particular term "Otaku" is a derogatory term in Japan, so when they say that, they're basically insulting themselves. They can typically be seen on YouTube sporting avatars of various anime characters.

Activities Weeaboos Engage In

  • Fapping to Anime: As the main reason weeaboos watch Anime is to see schoolgirls with big boobs, it's not surprising that many also masturbate to Hentai, which is the Japanese term for Anime porn. Other weeaboos go to Amazon and order body pillows with Anime characters printed on them. Disturbingly, many body pillows include pockets for guys to stick their dicks in and spreadable legs!
  • Cosplaying: Because their own lives suck, many weeaboos take to pretending to be one of their favorite Anime characters. While this practice is not exclusive to weeaboos, it is especially common in the Anime community.
  • Having a Waifu: While many weeaboos are attracted to Anime characters, many take it a step further and develop a crush on a specific Anime character, resulting in them gaining a "waifu" (or "husbando" if the character is a male). This will often lead to them going out and purchasing a body pillow (as mentioned above) which they keep close to them until they suffocate from grease and stomach bile from eating too much Pocky sticks.


Leafy's rant on Anime mostly talked about how weeaboos are way too dedicated to Anime and just disgusting creatures in general. He also stated that a war was coming between the Anime fans and the Anime haters. He also talked about how he liked Dragon Ball Z when he was a kid.