I don't know how I could possibly be labeled as a fucking hypocrite. I've never said I liked people. I hate people. Some people say they hate people, but I really, really hate people. And I'll be dead fucking serious. I'm a sadist. I enjoy hurting people. When I just beat the ever-loving shit out of somebody, I get a warm tingly feeling inside like I'm being loved.
~ Vegan Gains
I fucking hate children, they literally make me sick, when i see babies in commercial I start to gag, almost throw up, and I have to look away, and mute it. And when I see babies, in a stroller especially when they are crying, I JUST WANT TO SLAM MY FOOT THROUGH THE FUCKING THING, AND STEP ON IT, UNTIL THERE'S NOTHING BUT BLOOD, AND PULP, ON THE FUCKING PAYMENT!.
~ Vegan Gains ranting about babies and slowly falling into madness
Richard Burgess, also known as Vegan Gains, Psycho Vegetable Boy, or simply Vegetable Boy, is YouTuber and self-admitted sociopath known for making vegan and bodybuilding videos. His biggest claim to fame is threatening to slit the throat of another, more popular YouTuber named MrRepzion for disagreeing with him. After Leafy destroyed one of his videos, he fired back with two videos against him, where he just repeats the same words over and over again.

History Edit

LeafyIsHere made a response to his video titled How I Humanely Kill People where Vegan Gains states that, since we kill pigs, we should be allowed to kill humans too if they had great lives beforehand. Right, cause pigs and humans are totally the same thing, and there's absolutely no major differences between the two. Leafy proposed he be thrown into an insane asylum, smart choice if you ask us!

Vegan Gains responded by making a video where he accuses Leafy of bullying autistic kids and makes up excuses for his "How I Humanely Kill People" and made "Why Furious Pete deserves to get cancer" videos. The Reptilian Brotherhood quickly spammed his video with dislikes (and probably lots of HISSSSSS as well) and got into a war with Vegan Gains's mentally retarded fans in the comments section.

He made another video after Leafy uploaded his response to the racist vegan Sorsha. He purposefully edited the video to frame it as if Sorsha was telling the truth and Leafy was a piece of shit. The Reptilians once again spammed the video with dislikes, and got into another flame war with Vegan Gains' cult of hatred and stupidity.

Trivia Edit

  • He has given out his location numerous times and literally invited people to come try and kill him.
  • He has made a video saying another bodybuilding YouTuber deserved to get cancer because he ate meat.
  • He likes Dragon Ball Z.
  • GradeAUnderA has made several videos exposing him.
  • He hates babies and wants to shove his foot in them.
  • Despite Leafy only making one video on him he is desperate to destroy him.
  • He claims Leafy is a click-baiter when he uses some of the exact same tactics Leafy does, thus proving that he is a hypocrite.

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