Let's Go!
~ Jon, right before "firing" a plastic gun
~ A line from their hit song, appropriately titled "Problem"
Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend is a band made up of a bunch of emos who make screamo songs. They've been featured several times in Leafy's videos.


They were first featured on LeafyIsHere when Leafy critcized to their music video 'Problem'. The video was basically the closeted gay kid yelling "SHUT THE FUCK UP" at the top of his lungs while the Daddy Issues Queen swung around a baseball bat and bragged rapped about her supposed social media following that just proves how idiotic facebook/instagram/snapchat girls are and how they believe that this shit is an accomplishment when it clearly isn't.

They were later featured again when Leafy reacted to their response to him, titled Message to Leafy. The video was just Jon (the Anime hero who can't see because his hair covers his eyes) firing a fake AK-47. Soon after that, Leafy reacted to another crappy music video of theirs, This Is How It Ends in which he goes and sneaks up on a guy and shouts in his ear, it also featured a garage and blue strobe lights. The song had a nice drumbeat at best.

Their latest video Leafy reacted to was one where the Reptilian Brotherhood attacks Jon and breaks his iPhone.

Leafy has recently reacted to another one of their music videos, "Hate All You Want", in which the band walk around a mall... that's it. As for Leafy... his reaction was very much the same as his first video on the band.



  • Jon Jumper - (Leader/Anime Hero)
  • Josh Jackson - (Closet homosexual)
  • Scarlet Sky - (Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Daddy Issues)
  • Threepac - (Token black kid/Vampire hunter)
  • Albert - (Genetically Modified Human Thumb Nazi)
  • Jackie/Jack - (Transgendered girl who wears her Grandma's clothing)