Trisha Paytas, known on YouTube as blndsundoll4mj, is a YouTuber, "actress", and "model". Trisha used to be a stripper in 2007 before getting small acting jobs for movies and TV shows, all the while doing YouTube.

Most of her videos are her either doing gross or shit acting like a complete idiot for YouTube views.


On August 8th, 2016 Leafy made a video titled THE SLUTTIEST GIRL ON ALL OF YOUTUBE (LITERALLY DUMPS BUCKET OF CUM ON HEAD) in which he reacts to Trisha putting 100 layers of "cum" (lube) on her face. In the video she says that she "couldn't get a penis to get the cum from and that's why she used the lube".

Leafy later made a rant video on her titled THE TRISHA PAYTAS RANT (The 100 Layers of Cum Girl Roasted Me).


  • She's actually a rejected Barbie doll.
  • Most of her subscribers are horny twelve year old boys.
  • She has her own book, though its doubtful she herself wrote it.
  • She has said that "all white people have small penises."
  • She has a video telling a story of how she fucked an entire baseball team, yet still claims that she's not a slut.