Irby, aka the Triggered Feminist, is the most triggered person on the planet. She's so triggered, she's been put under special protection by the FBI, CIA, Interpol, NATO and the UN.

History Edit

Pyrocynical reacted to her video "I'm Triggered" where she talks about how she's triggered by her appearance and how she has an eating disorder. If she had just stated all that, it would have been a great video. But, she goes on to basically say she's triggered by everything (including compliments). Her arch enemy is Ashley Hernandez, she claims that that cunt is too short and it triggers her fatass. She is rumored to be partners with Kim's cartel who kidnapped anime main character and hero Issac. Issac is currently being tortured by this fat cunt for kim's sexual pleasures.

She was briefly featured on Leafy's video responding to Jacob Sartorius's music video, Sweatshirt, and has reappeared occasionally since.

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