TommyNC2010 is a YouTuber with nigerism who makes vlog videos. He states that his vlog style was inspired by Doug Walker, Cool Duder and Chris Pirillo. He was the subject of a controversy between Leafy and h3h3Productions.

He's also not on drugs. He's on a thing called POSITIVITY. He's also the only male who can wear a fedora and look good at the same time.


Conflict with Leafy

On March 20th, 2016, LeafyIsHere uploaded a video titled “THE MOST HEROIC FEDORA MAN ON YOUTUBE,” where he made fun of TommyNC2010, not realizing he had autism. A day later, TommyNC2010 uploaded a video titled “I am getting Death Threats LeafyIsHere, why?" In the video, he recorded himself crying and explaining how he was getting a lot of hate from LeafyIsHere’s fans. This caused multiple people, including h3h3Productions, to make videos about the situation. LeafyIsHere soon took down the video and uploaded an apology video appropriately titled “Apology." However, after h3h3Productions’s rant about LeafyIsHere received over a million views, LeafyIsHere made a response video, sparking the whole LeafyIsHere vs. h3h3Productions controversy.

TommyNC2010 later resolved his conflict with LeafyIsHere after Leafy started the #NiceShirt hashtag in an attempt to bring more positive vibes to the internet. He made a video titled "LeafyIsHere, I extend an invitation to you. Let the peace begin #NiceShirt" where he invited Leafy to a Google+ hangout to resolve their differences, stating that he hoped him and Leafy could come out best buddies.

Fake Video Accusations

Tommy has recently received a lot of hate when people noticed that his videos seemed more structured and a lot like skits. One of the most notable videos is where his friend Hamza breaks Tommy's glasses because he kept putting a camera in his face.

Keemstar hosted an interview with Tommy and Hamza where they discussed the accusations of him faking his videos.


  • He is friends with Keemstar, and on 8/4/16 in one of his streams with Colossal is Crazy and Keemstar he called Keem a gnome.
  • He was featured on MTV's Made for their 200th episode. He wanted to become a filmmaker, which could explain why his videos are more structured.