Strip FIFA is a phenomenon currently going around in the FIFA gaming community on YouTube. Because FIFA is a "boring as shit" game to watch, some YouTubers have gotten the idea to get a model to take off an article of clothing every time they score a goal.

The result was tremendously successful, with Strip FIFA videos sometimes getting as many as 5,000,000+ views. Even KSI has made a Strip FIFA video, which he later put on private along with a few of his other videos on his channel.

History Edit

The trend was popularized by JMX, who made Strip FIFA videos with his girlfriend. Several other FIFA YouTubers caught on to the trend, the most notable being Kodi, one of the biggest view whores on YouTube.

On PyrocynicalEdit

In response to the trend, Pyrocynical made a video criticizing it and calling out a few of the more popular Strip FIFA YouTubers. Pyro mainly called out one particular YouTuber, BarryBeeTV. In his opinion, in contrast to most Strip FIFA videos, which have a nice blend of stripping and FIFA, Barry's videos are mostly stripping and very little FIFA.

Trivia Edit

  • In Pyrocynical's vision, most of the people who view these videos are "horny" 12 year old boys.

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