Stomedy ezz S! T! O! M! E! D! Y! Steve plus comedy equals STOMEDEHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhuuuuuu!
~ Stomedy describes himself
Guess who it is? Guess again? Wrong! It's Stomedy!
~ Stomedy

Stomedy, also known as SteveStomedy, the Human Malteser, the Most Savage Man on Youtube and The Black Teletubby, is an South African YouTuber known for smoking cardboard for YouTube views.


Among the other infamous things he's done is drill himself in the head, fake drinking bleach, challenging Leafy to a wing eating contest, attempting the corn drill challenge with a cob attached sideways, and trying to perform a "grim reaper" ritual on Leafy and Pyrocynical. He also apparently does skit and parody videos. His main channel has over 2 subscribers, thus proving that God doesn't exist and the closest thing we have is teletubby.


Leafy first reacted to his video after he saw Pyrocynical's video on him and, not having anything else to react to, made a video reacting to Stomedy. After seeing Stomedy's video where he kills himself in the head. Leafy was so impressed by Stomedy's stuidness that he declared him "The Most Goat Man on YouTube"... for some reason.

Stomedy later made a video declaring "a wrap batttle" on Leafy in response to his video. However, Stomedy's fans were nothing compared to the Reptilian Brotherhood and the comments sections of Stomedy's videos were quickly filled with "drink bleach" and "ksi twin." Leafy also made a video reacting to Stomedy's "wrap" where he utterly roasts Stomedy.

Stomedy later uploaded a video to his secondary channel, HowToTerminator, where he "exposes" Leafy. He shows a fake completely real YouTube comment from Leafy apologizing and saying that Leafy's fans are all little kids. Leafy made a response to this video too where he tears Stomedy a new asshole.

Leafy later reacted to yet another one of Stomedy's videos, because Stomedy is just a constant source of quality content. In the video Stomedy decides to LITERALLY DRINK BLEACH after someone told him to do so in the comments section of one of his videos, proving that Stomedy is literally fucking retarded. Stomedy then drinks water from an empty bleach bottle actual bleach and collapses to the ground in an over-the-top completely realistic manner. The video ends with Stomedy saying he had to get his stomach flushed.

Stomedy was featured on LeafyIsHere's channel once again when Leafy reacted to Stomedy's video "How To Roast Leafy Properly" where he literally roasts Leafy (as in, he takes a leaf and roasts it), once agan proving that this guy cannot take criticism.

The Human Malteaser was featured on Leafy's channel yet again when LeafyIsHere reacted to a video of Stomedy trying to perform a "Grim Reaper" ritual on Leafy and Pyrocynical. Stomedy first forgot the correct number of candles needed to perform the ritual. Stomedy later burns two pictures of Leafy and Pyro in order to complete the ritual but because he's Stomedy, the black teletubby himself, he fucks up and almost lights his house on fire.

Stomedy's most recent reappearance on Leafy's channel was when Leafy reacted to Stomedy's video of him performing the "Drilling Corn" challenge.


  • Several of his most popular videos involve mermaids. His most popular video is called "REAL Mermaids caught on camera (NO FAKE) And Mermaids Caught On Tape Reaction."
  • His name is a pun on "Steve" and "comedy", although no one gives a fuck at all, as they should.
  • Many believe he survived his drill incident due to the fact that there was nothing to drill into in the first place.
  • According to Him, he apparently is the true rap god.
  • He uses Flash template intros in his videos and has somehow avoided a copyright strike from DC for doing so.
  • He is actually one of the smartest people on the planet (smarter than Albert Einstein), hence why he's managed to get so many YouTube views.
  • Stomedy was confirmed ksi long lost twin as you can see from the picture at the top.