Richard Michael 'Richie' Giese, better known as Social Repose, is a former America's Got Talent contestant, a semi-popular YouTuber and honestly a really chill dude. Most of his videos are either vlogs or music videos.


Prior to Leafy's video on him, Social Repose made a video reacting to Leafy's channel and talking about the drama between him and h3h3.

Leafy later made a video reacting to his music video "Island of Yours". While Leafy does take shots at his outfit, he doesn't ever really criticize him and even states that he isn't personally attacking him. Social Repose later made a response to this, stating that he had actually received a lot of positive comments from the Reptilian Brotherhood.

Social Repose later made another video about Leafy where he discussed the Leafy Vs Onision drama and talked about his relationship with Onision in the past.  




  • He states that the reason he dresses so oddly is to attract more viewers.
  • he describes his style as alternative, not emo or goth.