Sam Pepper is a British vlogger and YouTube Prankster. He is mostly known for his "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank" and "Kidnapping Best Friend Prank" videos, both of which triggered a lot of controversy.


Ass Pinch PrankEdit

On July 16, Sam Pepper uploaded a video titled "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank" where he goes around pinching girls ass for YouTube views. After he uploaded the video, several people started claiming that Sam had sexually abused them. Despite multiple people in the video coming forward and claiming that the prank was faked, this didn't stop Sam from getting accused of sexual assault. Sam would later go on DramaAlert and claim that all of his pranks were faked.

On LeafyIsHereEdit

Leafy made a video, reacting to Sam's campaign on GoFundMe where, if it reached 1.5 million dollars, he would delete his YouTube channel.

Sam Gives UpEdit

On February 21, Sam privated all his YouTube videos and deleted all his tweets except for one saying: "i give up". Three days later, Sam uploaded a video titled "i'm sorry" where he basically apologizes for everything he's ever done on YouTube. Currently, Sam just uploads boring vlogs about his life.


  • Sam Pepper played a role in LeafyIsHere's popularity.

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