SSundee here!
~ SSundee's completely original catchphrase
SSundee is an American YouTuber who makes Minecraft videos for little kids despite almost being in his thirties.

History Edit

SSundee started out making Minecraft videos. When Minecraft grew in popularity in 2011, his channel started to grow tremendously. Even though Minecraft got killed by 5 year olds in 2015, he still gets over a million views for every video he makes.

Leafy reacted to his 3,000,000 subscriber special in "THE HOTTEST MINECRAFT ANIMATION EVER", which featured Minecraft girls with breasts that look like tumors twerking.

Trivia Edit

  • When he was 22 and still living with his mom, His Mom won't let him buy MineCraft. He got so angered that he grabbed a Knife and threatened to kill her, he then raped her and she killed herself later that night.
  • He got arrested and charged for molesting a 9-Year-Old Girl and for touching a 13 Year old boy's penis. He actually raped and murdered a stripper after she sucked his VERY TINY COCK and wouldn't lick his asshole for free. He got in jail for five years in 2004.
  • An hour after his fifth event of Rape/Murder/Stalking/Vandalizing a elder's Home/Car/Children, he started a YouTube channel.
  • He can lick his own hairy balls while giving himself a footjob and fingering his shitty small asshole!
  • After escaping from prison, he started a drug cartel which quickly got disbanded by the police however he managed to dodge the life sentence by pointing out that he is autistic. The studies that followed proved that fact.

 Gallery Edit

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