Leeleelee aka Riceman is an infamous YouTube Prankster who Pyrocynical reacted to on his channel. Some of his pranks include: going to a university and asking people if he can shoot them (with his camera), going to a Dick's Sporting Goods and asking people for Dicks, and tricking his mom into thinking he had hung himself.

History Edit

Pyro made a video criticizing to Riceman's hanging himself prank, in which he ties a rope around his neck and makes it look as if he committed suicide by hanging. After Pyro uploaded the video however, Riceman copyright claimed the video, gaining all the money the video earned. Pyro initially privated the video, not wanting to give Riceman any money, but later un-privated it. Pyro also made two videos addressing the situation: YOUTUBE IS BROKEN and YOUTUBE IS STILL BROKEN.l

Trivia Edit

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