Hey guys, It's me again.
~ RiceGum

Bryan Quang "RiceGum" Le is a popular Asian American YouTuber known for making "savage" diss tracks. He is known for roasting kids such as Jacob Sartorius, Mario Selman, and Baby Ariel.

Because of his fire tracks, RiceGum has managed to gain 3,000,000 subscribers in only about 5 months.

He appears to be on good terms with Leafy, and Leafy made a cameo in RiceGum's reaction to Jacob Sartorius's song "Sweatshirt". The only thing that would allude a rivalry is when Leafy slipped an insult towards RiceGum in his video SUPER YOUTUBE DRAMA.

Personal Life

Bryan was born on November 19, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has Vietnamese heritage.


RiceGum was once just a normal vlogger and gamer, with no original content on his channel, until he got into beef with Jacob Sartorius and several kids. RiceGum made diss tracks and savagely roasted all of them. The diss tracks quickly became popular, beginning his rise to fame. Some people believe that he has been milking for views since then.

RiceGum then got a Content Cop by IdubbbzTV. Leafy, however did not have any affilations with this

He also got his name from the term "Rice Box" which means an Asian girl's pussy


  • He is the asian Jake Paul.