Review Movie World is Jinx's successor as King of Reaction Channels. He does not appear to feel any emotions, and whenever he tries to emote, it looks incredibly exaggerated and unnatural. He also sucks at editing. Whenever he places a clip of him next to the video he's reacting, he always looks incredibly skewed.


Pyrocynical initially made a video criticizing RMW's channel. One of the videos he focused on was a video of him reacting to the Ghostbusters teaser with all the tags of the Ghostbusters teaser attached to it, essentially misleading people and breaking YouTube's Terms of Service. His channel was apparently so bad it made Pyro see Jinx as a god.


His intro

Pyro's fans later flooded over to his channel and disliked all his videos. Review Movie World, however, accepted that he had become a meme and uploaded a video thanking everyone for watching his videos, including his haters, and stated that he was taking steps to change his content for the better.

His amazing editing skills

Trivia Edit

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