LeafyIsHere Reptilian Army
~ The Reptilians' battle cry

The Reptilian Army (or The Reptilian Brotherhood) LeafyIsHere's fanbase. You could typically find them posting "HISSS" or #niceshirt in the comments of videos he reacted to and behaved like good people ;) .  


LeafyIsHere was the first Reptilian, and after revealing himself as one in a video, it caused many others to label themselves as Reptilians to show their loyalty to Leafy.


In order to make easy for Reptilians to identify themselves outside of Leafy's videos, Leafy suggested they post "HISS" in the comments of other videos. This had the unintentional side-effect of spreading Leafy's popularity, and pissing a lot of people off.

On LeafyIsHere

Every two weeks or so, LeafyIsHere would make a FaceCam video where he reacts to some of the amazing stuff the fanbase puts out.

Leafy Fanboys/Fangirls

Leafy Fans were teenagers who chose to devote their lives to LeafyIsHere. They usually endned up regretting it when 2018 began and all the fanart and erotic photos they send to Leafy quickly become old shame. They comprise a large portion of Leafy's fanbase and really only watch his videos to cope with their depression. Leafy could be saying he supports Hitler and they would still like his videos.

Leafys fans on the wiki

On This Wiki

Being a wiki dedicated to LeafyIsHere, its natural that we get Reptilian editors. Unfortunately, the majority of Leafy's fanbase are people who don't even know basic grammar. Luckily, our secret police patrols the wiki at all times, ready to dispose of any infidels.


Notable Members

Former members