Nigga whyyyyyyyyy
~ Rebecca asking why
I'm the real OG! I'm real OG! I'm the real OGEEEEeeeeeee! EEEeeeeeee!
Nigga I'm number one!
~ Rebecca being gangsta.
Rebecca Bielinski, also known as Rebecca 2000 is yet another crappy amazing music artist residing on YouTube. She is most known for her hit single, Radio, which took home seven awards at the Grammys. She says her music and looks are a joke, but many believe she is legitimately retarded.



"Nigga whyy?"

Leafy was initially feeling depressed and sad until he found Rebecca's channel and her music, which impressed him so much that he declared her better than Rihanna, Beyonce and Tupac (which is probably true in the former two's case, honestly).

Leafy then reacted to her video, Radio, where she starts off by rapping while in her hot-tub before quickly devolving into venting about her day and not even rhyming. After the video ended, Leafy downloaded it off iTunes declared it the best song ever.

Leafy later took down his video on her, but it has since been reuploaded.

She at some point discovered Leafy's video on her and made a song asking for him to take her as his Reptilian Queen.

She has also made a diss track on Whitney Wisconsin.


  • She has a crush on Peridot from the cartoon Steven Universe. Several of her videos feature a background of cancerous fanart of her and Peridot.