Niall Comas, mostly known as Pyrocynical is a popular English YouTuber mainly known for being one of Leafy's friends. Unlike Leafy though, he does gaming highlight videos.

He is also friends with the Russian pig known as NFKRZ.


Feud with Keemstar

On April 9, 2016, Pyro made a video called “KEEMSTAR AND TOBUSCUS RANT,” in which he suggested that the gnome king should have added a disclaimer on the Toby Turner rape controversy as they were just allegations. Keem didn't like the suggestion, and went to Twitter calling out Pyro and insulting him in Twitter videos, one of which Keemstar claims that "some former friends of Pyro" told him he was supposedly dating a 15-year-old French girl. Keemstar also posted pictures of Pyro's face, which was private at the time on Twitter without Pyro's permission. When asked why he unfollowed Pyro, Keemstar stated that Pyro was a furry and claimed that he asked a big YouTuber to come to a furry convention.

Keemstar then blocked Pyro on Twitter like a pussy. On June 9, 2016, Pyro uploaded a video called "My Experience With KEEMSTAR", stating all the things that Keemstar has done to hurt Pyro, such as saying he is a pedophile. This brought on even more hate to Keemstar, leading to the downfall on him today.

Leafy Unfollows Pyro

On August 8, 2016, as stated on the "GETTING NAKED FOR VIEWS" video, Leafy unfollowed Pyro on Twitter, causing Pyro to fall into a deep depression. Pyro resolved to play Leafy's first Minecraft Lets Play until he followed him again. However,making the situation extremely awkward. Pyro later calmly but sternly DMed "Follow me back pussy" at Leafy. Leafy quickly re-followed Pyro on Twitter. Pyro then DMed "Do not unfollow Pyro again" at Leafy to show who was the boss. At the end, Leafy took Pyro down from his Featured Channels on YouTube. ("Put him back up pussy")


  • Pyro and Leafy had a playground insult battle on DramaAlert before Keemstar turned on them.
  • He use to make MLG montage parodies, most notably MLG Teletubbies and shrek has swag.
  • His profile pic used to be Mordecai from Regular Show.
  • He owns a little rabbit.
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