PoodleCorp is a hacking group known for hacking big YouTubers such as RedMercy and WatchMojo. They have also hacked LeafyIsHere's account. They are also responsible for the DDoS attacks against League Of Legends in North America and making it go offline, as well as making Pokemon Go!'s servers go offline for 24 hours.

History Edit

On June 25, 2016, PoodleCorp announced they were teaming up with fellow hacking group Lizard Squad. Both of their Twitters sent out a tweet telling their followers to go follow each other's account.

The dynamic duo

On July 1, the leader of PoodleCorp, xotehpoodle, announced that they had big plans for the following week and that they were going to be going after a lot of big YouTubers.

The Great Hacking WarEdit

On July 4, they hacked LeafyIsHere and changed all of his video titles to "hacked by". Leafy was asleep during this time, so he wasn't aware that his channel was hacked until noon.

A lot of 10 year olds xd people thought that Keemstar sent them to hack Leafy though one of their members clarified that this was not the case.

Upon discovering that his channel was hacked, Leafy called up Dillon The Hacker to try and get his channel back. The two waged battle against PoodleCorp, and thus commenced the greatest hacking battle in history.

The war ended with Leafy and Dillon victorious, and with all the members of PoodleCorp dead. Dillon, however, couldn't take the trauma and blew his head off while Leafy dove into a bathtub with a toaster.



Shadowpoodle explains PoodleCorp's nefarious plans for Leafy's account

Leafy later tweeted out that he was leaving YouTube and going back to school for computer science, much to the delight of the anti-cyberbullies. His Twitter was then hacked by Jacob Sartorius.

Leafy later regained control of his account with help from scerstt, iaustionlong and OmniaMediaCo and put out a tweet thanking PoodleCorp for letting him have everything back. He also uploaded a video talking about the incident from his perspective.

Soon after, he was hacked by the even more nefarious hacking group, PigSquad.

Blackmailing KeemstarEdit

PoodleCorp later DDoS'ed Battlefield 1 Beta's servers and stated they would only bring them back on if Keemstar interviewed them and gave a shout-out to LeafyIsHere. After Keemstar held up his end of the deal, PoodleCorp allowed Battlefield's servers to go back up.

PoodleCorp DisbandsEdit

However, the members of PoodleCorp eventually got bored, and the group disbanded on September 12, 2016. They deleted all their tweets except one on their Twitter and left a message on their website saying goodbye.

Known Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dillon The Hacker is the true leader of PoodleCorp.
  • PoodleCorp and Keemstar formed a temporary alliance to get PoodleCorp unbanned from

Links Edit

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