P-p-piggies out!
~ Their catchphrase

PigSquad is a super spooky and nefarious hacking group who claim to be fighting against the system, which they deem soulless and broken. They are responsible for hacking people like PewDiePie, Pyrocynical, GradeAUnderA, DramaAlert, h3h3, Minecraft, the Pope, Jesus, your computer, your dishwasher, your sink and your girlfriend.

History Edit

Because they deemed Leafy a part of the system they're fighting against, they hacked him and kidnapped him. They threatened to cut his dick off unless he told everyone he was hacked by them.

Notable Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The PigSquad pig often appears in videos to ask Leafy questions.
  • Pig Squad hasn't shown much hacking activity anymore. Sorry, Keem.

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