Philip DeFranco is a YouTuber who runs a news channel. In his videos, he will usually talk about a number of topics including news stories and YouTube stories, show a "Lovely Lady of the Day", and show his "Today in Awesome". He is known to be quite dedicated to his fanbase and he tweets frequently.

Drama Edit

Mark Thomas DramaEdit

When Mark Thomas told his fans to dislike Leafy's video about him in exchange for facetimes, Phil jokingly tweeted, "@LeafyIsHere Sorry Leafy. I gotta drop that dislike. I mean just thinking about getting a Facetime from Mark...OMG IM SHAKING!". Mark then tweeted at Philip DeFranco threatening to call Child Protective Services on him, but later took it down. Phil made a video about it later, in which be briefly talked about the subject.

FouseyTUBE DramaEdit

Philip DeFranco prides himself on not getting into drama, so when FouseyTUBE called him, Scarce, and DramaAlert out, Phil defended himself and supported Leafy's video about Fousey. In a later video, Phil states that he believes that Fousey regrets talking about him in his video. My father went to the store for milk and eggs and never came back.

Trivia Edit

  • Philip has been making YouTube news content for around 10 years, longer than almost any other news channel.
  • Philip has a child named Trey DeFranco.
  • Philip's family has a YouTube channel where his wife, Lindsay DeFranco, posts about the family.
  • In Leafy's video titled "THE YOUTUBE RANT", Leafy used multiple clips of Phillip talking about the YouTube guidelines, using these clips as examples for his claims.

Gallery Edit

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