PewDiePie Bro Army
How's it going bros?, My name is PewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwDiePie!
~ Pewds' signature greeting

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known by most people as PewDiePie, is the King of YouTube having the most subscribers out of any channel on the website. Most of his content is either gameplay (sometimes with other youtubers such as CinnamonToastKen, JackSepticeye, his girlfriend CutiePieMarzia, Cryaotic, KickthePJ, and Markiplier) reaction videos to 'cringey' or 'funny' content, or social commentary, often done to express an issue with YouTube itself or to voice complaints of smaller channels.

Leafy has stated that he and PewDiePie are good friends and they often have intellectual discussions about serious subjects together. PewDiePie has also tweeted about Leafy several times and they seem to be on good terms with each other.

PewDiePie on the other hand, claims he... "likes all his fans content, without any exception, except all that fucking cringey shit, LeafyIsHere". Also, turning down Leafy's cringey joke offer of selling/trading YouTube accounts, which WAS a joke, unlike most people knew.

Bro Army

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The "Bro Army" is nickname for the selectively large fanbase of PewDiePie. Fans range in age from "twelve year olds" to older sections of the fanbase that have been fans for years. The Bro Army is known for not only being loyal to Felix, but respecting his wishes when addressed based on problematic behavior. Felix has stated that he wishes he were able to interact more with fans as he used to when his channel was smaller, but still appreciates how much they support him. PewDiePie regularly ends his videos with a "brofist" to his fanbase.


  • Felix has stated that he is a relatively withdrawn person, in contrast to many of his videos in which he seems extremely excitable nearly constantly.
  • Felix has two apps launched as of Winter 2016: Legend of the Brofist, a platform game, and Tuber Simulator.
  • Felix has two pugs by the names of Maya and Edgar, as well as a toad named Slippy
  • Sarcasm is nearly guaranteed in nearly all of Pewdiepie's videos, especially those that deal with social commentary. He has expressed both frustration and disappointment in how easily people slander his name for clickbait.
  • In THE ROAST OF YOUTUBE (Part 2) he says "Hey youtube, your search algorithm is so corrupt, it makes Vladimir Putin look like Jesus! Do we need another Leafy? Do we need another clickbait piece-of-shit?"
  • He briefly mentions Leafy in YOU WONT BELEIVE THIS (PewDiePie react) while he watches a video of Tana Mongoose yelling "HE FUCKED ME WITH A TOOTHBRUSH" PewDiePie responded to the video with: "Why do I feel like I'm Leafy right now. What the fuck happened." In the same video, he's seen scrolling down Leafy's videos, talking about how there were multiple clickbaits titled "THE CRINGIEST KID ON YOUTUBE" later PewDiePie looks into the camera and says: "Leafy, I just wanna know who the cringiest kid is. Why are you busting my nuts like this? C'mon, man. C'mon. Tell me who the cringiest kid is, I need to know."



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