This fucking guy is worse than Keemstar.
~ Elvis the Alien describing Onision.

Gregory Daniel Jackson mainly known as Onision, also known as Onion Boy, The Onion King, Youtube's Most Perfect Villain, The Cuck of Youtube, or just simply, Cuck is a controversial YouTuber and internet personality. He is the love child of Keemstar and Vegan Gains and the second biggest shitbag on the entire internet. Despite expressing his love for attacking Leafy on multiple occasions, Leafy has only made one rant video on him.

His content is essentially a ripoff of Filthy Frank, except without any of the humor. Despite, claiming to be a comedian, he isn't able to take jokes at his expense. This is because he's an over-sensitive loser.


Early Life

Gregory Jackson was born on November 11, 1985 in Washington.


The hatred between Onision and Leafy basically started when the Onion King made a video titled "How To Be LeafyIsHere" (which he uploaded shortly after Leafy reached 3,000,000 subs) where he poorly attempts to roast Leafy.

On June 26th, 2016, LeafyIsHere uploaded a video titled 'THE ONISION RANT' in where he exposed Onision as a hypocrite and a cuck and criticized his behavior on YouTube.

After Leafy's video was uploaded, Onision started losing tons of subscribers. Social Repose also made a video in response to it talking about his relationship with Onision.

Onision would later upload a response to Leafy's video. In contrast to Leafy's vid, which was over 25 minutes long, Onision's video was 6 minutes long because he didn't actually have a defense against Leafy's criticisms he had better things to do.

Onision has also looked into suing Leafy for slander even though everything Leafy said about him in his video was true.

However, Onision could not resist Leafy's sexy, pasty white face and later fell in love with the reptilian overlord. Onision would go on to defend him in the IDubbbzTV controversy.


  • Despite personally denying it, it is a well known fact that he is a cuck.
  • He is partly responsible for getting Evalion banned from YouTube, as he told his fans to go flag her channel.
  • He has stated on multiple occasions that he thinks women are superior to men and has literally and unjokingly called himself a feminazi.
  • He has stated multiple times that he likes getting fingered.
  • He once went to New Mexico so he could marry his 18-year old girlfriend
  • He uses an abundance of emojis in his tweets, much like a certain star.
  • He has made about 4 different "coming out" videos on his comedy channel.


Responses to Onision