Nicole Arbour is the queen slut of YouTube. She tries to be sexy in her videos, but no one is attracted to her saggy tits. She is most well known for pimpslapping her ex-boyfriend, popular YouTuber Matthew Santoro.

Nowadays, Nicole Arbour in known for her "comedy" videos, which has the ratings and comments disabled on almost all of her videos, and when you watch the videos, it's easy to see why.

History Edit

Leafy has made a video on her called "THE ANGRIEST GIRL ON THE INTERNET TRIES TO BE CUTE".

He later reacted to her video talking about why she loves emojis like she's Jacob Sartorius. She then starts talking about how she's mad that they removed a few emojis, including the princess emoji. She then switches to talking about Super Mario Bros like she has frigging ADHD.

Trivia Edit

  • She claims to be a comedian.
  • She is a very big hypocrite and a horrible liar.
  • GradeAUnderA has made two videos exposing her as a the above, one when she made the "dear fat people" video and another during the aftermath of her and Mathew Santoro's breakup.
  • Nicole Arbour has been in multiple movies and one Pornography.
  • She is Canadian.
  • She has a MySpace account... who the fuck uses myspace anymore?
  • Her name is also spelled like "Nicole Arbor" in American English.


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