You're my Wifi Wifey!
~ Nick Bean
Nick Bean is yet another kid who got popular off of He is 21 yet he hangs out with 13 year-olds. He is known for his atrocious amazing dance moves and repetitive voice. He is apperently popular on a live streaming app called YouNow where 14 year-old girls stare at him and fap to him while he babbles. 


He made a song called "Wifi Wifey " that Leafy roasted. He somehow has over 500,000 subs on YouTube despite being good looking as his only talent.

Nick took Leafy's video in stride and made a response to it called "LEAFY ROASTED ME!", saying it was an honor to be reacted to by Leafy.

Trivia Edit

  • He wants to have grandkids with you.
  • Your ex wants to fight him.
  • If you follow him, he will follow you back.
  • He has lots of fangirls and fanfics written about him.
  • He has a Google Musical Artist profile.
  • He is dating some guy named Zach Clayton
  • He is dating some girl named Madeline Phillips
  • He is dating some girl named Skye Raae
  • He is dating some girl named Maddie Welborn
  • He is dating some girl named Bianca Soleto

Gallery Edit

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