Hello blazers, NFKRZ 'ere!
~ What NFKRZ tries to say, but nobody understands him

Roman Valerevich Abalin, mainly known as NFKRZ or the Russian Pig, is a friend of Pyro. Leafy has not talked to NFKRZ that much, but they appear to be on good terms and Leafy has featured NFKRZ in a few of his videos. NKFRZ talks about a variety of topics in his videos and has even gotten into beef with Keemstar (though at this point we all have).

History Edit

NFKRZ joined YouTube as "MultiNfz".

NFKRZ would soon make a friend in Pyrocynical, with NKFRZ appears in almost all of Pyro's gameplay videos.

Drama Edit

Keemstar Vs. NFKRZ Edit

On 6th March 2017, Roman made a video talking about KSI, that was 10 minutes long. Keemstar didn't like that, and made a response video, saying that the video could off been 3 - 5 minutes long. After all of this, Roman started tweeting stuff like:''i actually hope he dies, i don't belive in god, but i will pray for it, He is a complete utter piece of shit person''. Keemstar's fans started reporting Roman's twitter account, and got him terminated from Twitter. At the end, Roman made a video discussing the situation.

Trivia Edit

  • He has gotten into some beef with an 11 year old YouTuber called LtCorbis.
  • He found a bootleg Russian ripoff of leafy named Leeroy

Gallery Edit

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