FANDOM is a Chinese app that lets you post short clips of you lipsyncing popular songs. It lets you post anything up to 15 seconds long, making it twice as good as Vine (though still a pile of shit). It is responsible for people like Jacob Sartorius and Mark Thomas flourishing and becoming popular.


  • Despite being around for multiple years, only became popular in 2016.
  • Somehow has managed to avoid getting sued for stealing songs.
  • The God himself, Jacob SARTORIUS started his popularity at this very app, he started making vines, getting riched, now he sings. Really bad,
  • It is a well known contractor of all forms of cancer including the dab and water bottle flipping
  • Multiple YouTubers have talked about including Pyrocynical, Leafy, and I Hate Everything.
  • All of the YouTubers mentioned view it in a negative light