I have a very SPECIAL gift for you Leafy!
~ Take a guess to what his "gift" is
Mr Tinfoil also known as "TheCrackedEgg" and Mr Trashbag is an infamous YouTuber and internet troll known for confessing his gay love and stalking popular users such as LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, Stomedy, PewDiePie, ect. He is mostly distinguished for having no teeth, wearing tinfoil on his hair, doesn't appear to blink his eyes, and wearing little to no clothes, such as thongs or a trash bag for example. He is weird as hell, but he does it on purpose. He is another victim of Skin Insanity.


Tinfoil started his channel up on November 19, 2009 known as "TheCrackedEgg". As of 2015/2016, he started making videos involving Leafy, Pyro, Stomedy, Pewds, ect. As of May 2016, he started making videos of Evalion (alias 'Racist Girl').

As of 2017, he changed his username to "Mr Tinfoil Reacts" and started making reaction videos. He also started stalking YouTuber Shane Dawson.


  • It is unknown why Mr Tinfoil doesn't have any teeth, doesn't blink or having such a weird and creepy personality. It is most likely possible that he has a mental disorder or he is speculated to be a serial killer, but it is yet to be confirmed.
  • His channel description says that he makes prank videos, which is odd since his videos focus on others more than pranks.
  • He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


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