Hello, you assholes.
~ MrBlackDarkness666's intro in most of his videos.

MrBlackDarkness666 is a depressed goth who apparently gets harassed by children. He has also told children to kill themselves.

He also at one point had a girlfriend, but she left him after she realized he was a goth loser saw one of Leafy's videos on him.


It all started when Leafy uploaded a video called "THE SADDEST MAN ON YOUTUBE", where he talked about MrBlackDarkness666 as he proceeded to walk down the street and told a group of kids who were harassing him over his appearance to go fuck themselves and even die. The emo loser saw it as harassment and uploaded a video titled "LEAFYISHERE GO FUCK YOURSELF", in which he stated that his significant other left him because of the video, before setting fire to a picture of Leafy in real life and ripping it apart, claiming that he can make Leafy "go away." Leafy responded with another video named "THE SADDEST MAN ON THE INTERNET," in which he claimed it was not a video for harassment and that he was sorry for him, but that it was not his fault that his girlfriend left him. Keemstar later hosted a discussion between the two on DramaAlert, where they ended up making up and MBD666 reversed the "curse" he placed on Leafy.

He has also gotten back together with his girlfriend and she appears in some of his videos.

MrBlackDarkness is fond of Leafy now, but he still teases him sometimes by calling him a "gay little asshole".