I am the voice of the children!
~ Misha invoking his inner Hitler

Mishovy šílenosti, real name Michal Florian[2], also known as Misha, is a buck-toothed child YouTuber whose parents forced him to make a music video about him playing Pokemon Go in order to get YouTube money. He recently declared war on "cyberbully channels" and hung Leafy only to get his army bombed, he compensated for this by picking up hoes and overall being an outright bitch. Misha has shown time and time again that his videos are not for kids doing things such as calling people cancer, talking shit, flipping the bird, having vulgar language in his videos (eg.a cap with the word "fuck" on it) and wishing a death to a group of people who don't follow his ideologies.


Misha has made several songs on video games such as: League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Minecraft, albeit in his home language.

LeafyIsHere reacted to Misha's Pokémon Go music video and proclaimed it to be the worst music video he had ever seen. The song has currently over 60 million views on YouTube as of late 2017.

Misha later made a music video titled CYBERBULLY CHANNELS ARE CANCER!!! where he roasts LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, RiceGum and Keemstar.

The roast was so tremendous it caused riots in the streets. LeafyIsHere was later kidnapped by the anti-cyberbully forces and hung by Misha, but not before Leafy mentions that Misha's teeth look like "Hiroshima after it got bombed". Soon after, the anti-cyberbullies were all nuked by the Cyberbully plane.

In response to Leafy's video, Misha made another music video where he goes around and picks up women, all while proclaiming himself the best YouTuber ever. Leafy was initially not going to make a response to it, despite FemmyIsHere demanding that he did. His reason for such is that he was a child... However, he changed his mind after Misha shot him.

On September 2016, Misha made a new video where he wishes death to all meat eaters, again showing his content is not suitable for young audiences.

He also made a new music video about him running for president, once again showing his content is not suitable for young audiences.

On December 2016, Misha made a new music video about him wanting to kill Santa Claus for not giving him a perfect Christmas present.


You are now about to witness the strength of kids' knowledge.
~ Misha right before roasting some evil cyberbullies
I'm getting all the money and getting all the hoes. I'm the boss! Misha!
~ Misha dropping some bars
I'm vegan, death to all meat-eaters! Death to all!
~ Misha purging the filthy meat-eaters from society


  • Most of his videos have ratings and comments disabled. What a surprise.
  • He apparently plays Minecraft.
  • He lives in the Czech Republic.
  • Misha met his 16-year-old girlfriend on Minecraft and wishes to have a child with her! Gee, what joy!
  • One of the girls on his roast song is actually Misha's sister.
  • He got straight A's on his recent report card.[3]
  • Haters Gee! Tee! Eff! Oh!