Fucking Degenerate...
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Yes, I am that militant, man-hating ball-buster!
~ Mickey being honest about her Feminism

Mickey Randleman is a kindergarten teacher/rapist-turned feminist slam poet seeking to ruin your perfect marriage, send your daughter down the path of sluthood and reclaim space on the subway from filthy men.

History Edit

She was featured on Leafy's channel when he responded to her poem about ball-busting and ruining people's marriages.  Leafy theorized that she used to be teacher who slept with all the students in her class.

she fucked the football team, baseball team,chess team and even the rubik's cube team.she instructed her students to put a rubik's cube in her black hole and solve it inside the black hole.Her hobbies are raping 10 year olds and ball busting.

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