Fucking Degenerate...
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Matthew David Morris, mostly known as MattyB, is a long-time child YouTube music star who recently branched out to and the less cringey cousin of Jacob Sartorius. He has been criticized by Leafy, Pyro and H3h3Productions.


Leafy became depressed from reading the comments on his videos and decided to kill himself. He was initially going to take pills, but after realizing he would have a seizure, he resolved to kill himself by watching one of MattyB's videos instead. Unfortunately for Leafy, watching a single second of one of MattyB's videos proved to be worse than ten seizures.

Leafy see's MattyB's little sister, who has down syndrome, enjoying life and playing by the pool. Mocks her and calls her a retard. Claims he doesn't know but wouldn't it be funny if she was.

Pyro had also reacted to a video of his, known as "Live for today". In that video, Pyro said that MattyB was less cringey than Jacob Sartorius, which is basically an accomplishment at this point! He also criticized the video, because it was still cringey.