Mark Thomas, (not that Mark Thomas) also known as Duhitzmark, is a talentless star who has been featured on Leafy's channel. He apparently goes on tours where he awfully sings other people's trash songs to his thousands of annoying fangirls.


Mark was featured in Leafy's video THE CRINGIEST KID ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET where Leafy criticized Mark for his unfunny, talentless and cringy content.

Leafy later criticized a music video Mark made about asking girls to send him sexy selfies (seriously). In response, Mark made a tweet on his Twitter trying to roast Leafy. He also tweeted out "found Leafy's address" but later removed it.

He has since been exposed (faked slander) for sending snapchats of himself jerking off to fans and asking for nudes.

Leafy sexually harassed Mark 3-4 times, then his girlfriend outraged at Leafy. In which Leafy calls in reinforcements on his twitter claiming Mark and his girlfriend are attacking him. Leafy fanbase threatened him at Vidcon with death threats and attempted to dox him. Leafy on the other hand was already doxed by previous abuse by hackers (which is what Mark found).

Leafy later said he would remove some of his videos, however half way through Leafy slanders Mark (15 year old male) with sexual slander and what was actually faked child porn. It was created by some pedo who is obsessed with Jacob (13 year old male friend of Mark Thomas) and posed as his brother, which seeked revenge on Mark after leaking his cellphone number and questioning him about actually being the brother. It's an adults video, which blacks out to a photo of Mark. The other is his thumb over the camera len which was photoshopped to look like his penis, it has 8 photoshop effects layered on top to hide the fact, but no camera would do that anyways. Yet ask yourself how did Leafy know about it, unless he was looking it up himself. Leafy appears to be obsessed with 12-15 year old males.

Leafy's dumbass fanbase even wrote on the faked child porn "LeafyIsHere sent us!" and now are in a police report about the illegal sexual slandering of a minor.