Most people joined Machinima because they were naive and didn't understand how bad the system was. That's the entire reason why they've done so well. And when you need help, and when you need support, you either get a copy-pase email with information that isn't helpful or you get totally ignored.
~ Pyro sums up Machinima
Machinima is a YouTube Network currently known for its shady tactics, going back on deals, and essentially holding YouTubers hostage using shady contracts.

How Machinima Works Edit

Machinima lures in small YouTube channels by promising them more resources, promotion, growth, basically everything you need to grow your channel.

However, before you join, Machinima will typically make you sign a really shady contract. For example, Pyrocynical was given a contract that would renew itself infinitely every three years (unless he stepped in to cancel it) and stated he had to give Machinima 40% of his earnings.

After the contract is signed, Machinima will often go back on its promises and not provide any of the things it promised, while at the same time leeching off of the channel's earnings.

Quotes Edit

Machinima isn't total cancer, but the front of it is. The walls of emails, the copy-paste text. In my opinion, Machinima have basically taken on so many applicants and so many affiliates that they don't have the resources to support all of them. So they hide behind copy-paste emails and just ignoring affiliates as a whole, completely. You've got the few employees, like this guy who helped me, scrambling around trying to help or contact people but there just isn't enough manpower and not enough resources. This is Machinima's fault. This is like, you know, the higher ups in Machinima who though it would be a good idea to take on as many little aspiring Minecraft YouTube kids as possible.

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