AustinFFA, mainly known as Luna, is an American YouTuber who provides commentary over gameplay footage. YouTuber. He is mainly known for his ''sexual'' stories. His channel trailer is two broads he picked up telling you you should sub to his channel. He also happens to be a friend of LeafyIsHere.

History Edit

Austin started his YouTube channel on April 27th, 2014. At the beginning of his YouTube channel. His early videos mainly involved Austin on stories. Austin's YouTube channel has over one million subscribers, and still grows.

Luna Vs. Keemstar Edit

Keemstar at one point approached Austin and invited him to join his YouTube group. When Austin asked if GradeAUnderA will join the group, and Keem stated that Grade was "being a pussy" and started talking shit about Grade to Austin. Austin later told Leafy and Grade about what Keemstar had said, which was part of what motivated the two YouTubers to make their videos. Austin was also featured in Leafy's second rant on Keemstar talking about what Keemstar had said to him about Grade and Leafy.

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