Fucking degenerate!
~ LeusiCk's describing Pyro

LeusiCk Diamondeyez is a YouTuber, professional beatboxer and a fucking degenerate. He is known to walk around and harass others for his crappy YouTube channel. He also wears a fedora, which should tell you a lot about his character.

History Edit

He was featured on LeafyIsHere when Leafy reacted to a video of him walking around and fucking with everybody while they were just enjoying their every day lives (Or not, maybe some were clinically depressed). He starts off by recruiting some guy named Paul. He asks him to be his agent and starts randomly beat boxing in his face. He calls him a "fucking degenerate" before going over and fucking with some kids trying to sing. After seeing Leusi break-dance, where one of his dance moves was him taking off his hat and putting it back on, Leafy decided that he didn't want to live on planet Earth anymore.

Trivia Edit

  • He pronounces Chipotle as "Chip-ol-tee" and "Ship-ol-tee".
  • He is also the arch-enemy of iDubbbzTV.
  • He has currently grown a beard that makes him look like a homeless bear.
  • His last video was made 4 months ago, leading people to believe he has quit YouTube.

Media Edit

Chipotle Gone Viral01:53

Chipotle Gone Viral

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