Leeroy (Лирой) is a Leafy clone found by NFKRZ in his video "Russian Leafy Copycats" , although Leafy never talks about him.

History Edit

One day NFKRZ decides to go on one of the most cancerous sides of YouTube, Russian YouTubers. After finding some "quality content", NFKRZ found a Leafy copy, using the same thumbnails and the same titles just translated in Russian. He even has the same mannerisms, such as a "L-L-L-L-Leeroy" and, from what we were shown, extremely similar skits. After NFKRZ did a video on him, Leeroy decided to make original content but he still acts like Leafy.

Appearance Edit

Leeroy has long-ish brown hair, similar to Leafy, an OBEY hat, also similar to Leafy (do you see a pattern here?), an Illuminati symbol for an eye and, from what little we see of him, a Blue shirt.

Allies Edit

His friends, from what little we know of them, consist of a multi-armed builder man and someone who looks like Mr Tumble without the clown getup.

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