LeafyIsHere Reptilian Army

~ Leafy at the end of his 4,200,000 Subscribers Special. Notice the number here, does it remind you of something?
Hey what's up guys, welcome back to a brand new video on the GODDAMN internet.
~ Leafy in every one of his videos

Calvin Lee Vail (born August 18, 1995), mostly known as LeafyIsHere, is an American internet personality on YouTube known for his satire, commentary, storytelling, bullying of little children and Counter Strike: Global Offensive surf gameplay. As of August 2016, Calvin has over 4,700,000 subscribers, and around 720 million total views.  

Personal Life

Calvin grew up in Utah, where he had a sort of messed-up childhood. In one of his videos, he claimed that he had a great childhood, but also didn't, due to his parents being drug addicts who struggled with addiction. Unfortunately, his father attempted suicide because of his son being a complete cunt. He turned to YouTube as a source of escape from his everyday life.


Calvin launched his YouTube channel, LeafyIsHere, on October 7, 2011. He uploads new videos to the channel daily. In the beginning, the channel hosted Top 10 lists, Eating many Assholes, Fallout 3 and Minecraft gameplay. However, in early 2013, his channel branched out into the commentary genre; a genre he pursues to this day. His lack of wit, crude rants and flurry of derogatory, mocking verbal attacks which are not funny at all gained him loyal followers (a group which consists almost exclusively of little kids). In late 2015, Calvin revealed he's actually a government reptilian. This led to the formation of the "Reptilian Brotherhood", a group of loyal followers who spam "HISS" on message boards across YouTube and Because of this, Calvin's growth increased exponentially and allowed him to transcend into memehood on YouTube.


Leafy has been involved in several Dramas and Wars with other YouTubers since starting his channel. This page details a few of them:

Leafy Vs. h3h3

Leafy's video on Tommy

On March 20, 2016, LeafyIsHere uploaded a video reacting to another video he had found on /r/cringe on Reddit. The video was by a YouTuber named TommyNC2010, and was of him interviewing a woman whose eggs he had just saved from being broken, all while the woman looked extremely uncomfortable with being filmed.

Leafy did his typical routine and roasted Tommy. Unbeknownst to Leafy, Tommy was autistic and a day later he uploaded a video titled "I am getting Death Threats LeafyIsHere , why?" In the video, Tommy tearfully states that he is getting death threats from the Reptilian Brotherhood and announces that he is leaving YouTube.

Ethan Klein throws his hat beanie in the ring.

Less than a day after the video was uploaded, h3h3Productions uploaded a video titled THE LEAFY RANT. While he claims the video was meant to critique commentary channels, he spends 95% of the video criticizing LeafyIsHere. This was not long after Ethan had messaged Leafy complimenting him on his content and Leafy had helped Ethan get set up with Omnia Media, thus saving him from the tyranny of another YouTube network, Freedom.

Pyrocynical later made a video called "Leafy vs Pyro" where he exposed some tweets h3h3 and Leafy made about him. Among the things h3h3 said about him were that Pyro is "the cancer of YouTube" and that he doesn't even want Pyro to have a platform to defend himself. It was also revealed that h3h3 had gone behind Pyro's back and tried to get YouTubers to make "Pyrocynical Exposed" videos.

Leafy was initially not going to make a response to h3h3, but after the video got over 1,000,000 views, Leafy made a video titled "The H3H3 Rant" where he exposes the DMs Ethan sent to him talking shit about Pyrocynical. H3h3 later made a post on his subreddit where he claims that Leafy took his DMs out of context. He then does the exact same thing he accused Leafy of and took Leafy's DMs out of context in an attempt to make Leafy seem worse than he was.

Ultimately, Leafy and Ethan made up on Twitter and both took down their rant videos on each other.

Leafy, Grade and Pyro Vs. Keemstar

LeafyIsHere initially had a friendly relationship with Keemstar, however, after Leafy heard that Keemstar had talked shit about him and GradeAUnderA behind their backs, as well as proceeded posted one picture of Pyro's face without his permission which is an invasion of privacy, Leafy made a video exposing Keemstar. The video summarized all of Keemstar's deceitful and borderline criminal behaviors and featured a cameo from Grade. Prior to this, Pyrocynical had also made a video on his past experience with Keemstar and how Keemstar had leaked Pyro's face pics because he didn't like a video Pyro had made criticizing him. The video also featured a cameo from GradeAUnderA.

Leafy later made a second Keemstar rant where he covers some of Keemstar's recent actions in response to his exposed video, including threatening to doxx anyone who made "Keemstar Exposed" videos of their own.

GradeAUnderA also made his own exposed video on Keemstar. In his video, Grade exposes some more of the shit Keemstar has done, including telling Total Biscuit he couldn't wait to report his death after he heard he caught cancer, allegedly abusing his girlfriend and kept watching when an under aged fan of his was naked with signs showing her love for him covering her breasts and vagina and then show him her anus and still didn't stop watching. He also instructed all of his fans to unsub from DramaAlert and to subscribe to Scarce, another YouTube news channel, in order to piss Keemstar off.

Keemstar uploaded a video responding to Leafy and Grade's video where he accuses them of lying, but it was ultimately torn apart by Leafy in his third rant on the Gnome King. DramaAlert ended up losing over 200,000 subscribers from the whole debate and LeafyIsHere ended up gaining a ton of thanks and support for his exposed video.

fouseyTUBE Vs. YouTube News Channels

Faking a Drama

Shortly after his collab with RiceGum, FouseyTUBE posted a few disparaging tweets about Rice on Twitter. RiceGum later responded to them, sparking a huge drama between the two, culminating in RiceGum apparently punching Fousey. However, most people managed to see through it and stated that the drama was probably fake.

A while later, Fousey uploaded a video to his main channel where claims the whole drama was a social experiment to show how easy it was to manipulate YouTube drama channels, even though the three main ones (Scarce, DramaAlert and Philip DeFranco) had managed to see through his ruse. He also states that drama is bad and started the #MakeYouTubePositiveAgain hashtag to try to bring "positivity" back to YouTube.

Leafy's Rant

LeafyIsHere later made a video on the whole situation where he refutes Fousey's arguments and accuses him of being an attention whore.  Keemstar and even Sam Pepper called fouseyTUBE out as well.

Leafy later made a second rant on fouseyTUBE responding to Fousey's actions in wake of the controversy. These included pretending not to know who Leafy was despite commenting on several of his videos and comparing himself to Martin Luther King Jr. and Tupac.

Subbotting Drama

DramaAlert eventually managed to recover and slowly started gaining back its lost subscribers after losing them all to Scarce. However, it wasn't long before Keemstar fucked up again.

It started when a YouTuber named Ecy uploaded a video where he shows a clip he received from a friend of LeafyIsHere's profile on a sub-botting website, citing it as 100% proof that Leafy uses Sub Bots. Many YouTubers were quick to point out, however, that it was really easy to "Inspect Element" someone's profile onto the website. This didn't stop Keemstar from throwing his hand into the controversy and reporting them on DramaAlert as 100% fact. He also made up told a story about how Leafy went up to him and told him about a sub-botting website where he could buy sub-bots to like his videos, but Keemstar refused because he's an upstanding YouTuber.

Ecy later removed his video "exposing" LeafyIsHere and uploaded an apology to Leafy. Keemstar's response to this was to make a tweet accusing Leafy of bribing Ecy to take the video down.

LeafyIsHere later made a fourth rant on Keemstar. In his video, he criticizes both Keemstar and Ecy's videos and announces that he's considering suing Keemstar for slander.

Leafy vs. iDubbbzTV

On September 12, 2016, iDubbbzTV uploaded an episode of Content Cop titled "Content Cop - Leafy", where he goes after and roasts Leafy about his "weak chin" and his numerous shortcomings as a content creator. After the video was uploaded, Leafy began to rapidly lose subscribers. However, iDubbbz later made a tweet calling out the people who unsubbed to Leafy because of his video, labeling them all as weak. He also started the hashtag "WeLoveYouCalvin".

Leafy also gained defense from Onision who pointed out iDubbbz's striking resemblance to a mentally handicapped rapist. NFKRZ responded to Onision's tweet by calling him a Mormon, but no one could understand him.

Leafy later made a response video to iDubbbz and iDubbbz made a response to that video. RiceGum also uploaded a video challenging iDubbbz to make a Content Cop on him.

In the end though, Leafy still managed to keep gaining subscribers, because of the growing number of retarded little children who come on the internet every day, so it seems iDubbbz's completely imaginary goal of completely destroying Leafy's channel wasn't realized.

Great Galactic Internet War: Cyberbulles vs Anti-Cyberbullies

The Great Galactic Internet War was a drama taking place in the year 2420. It started when Misha gathered an army of YouTubers to exterminate Cyberbullies off the Internet. Assisting Misha were YouTubers, Onision, FouseyTUBE, IDubbbzTV, KSI, Total Biscuit, PopularMMOs, Dillon The Hacker, PewDiePie, and Jesus Christ. Keemstar also joined Misha's army just so he'd have a chance to get revenge on Leafy. In response, LeafyIsHere gathered up all his Cyberbully friends: (Pyrocynical, GradeAUnderA, NFKRZ, ColossalIsCrazy, Elvis The Alien, HeyWatchYourMouth and RiceGum) to combat Misha's forces.

Leafy's army confronted Misha's army in Club Penguin. The two sides then attacked each other, and thus began the greatest and bloodiest battle in the entire known universe. Halfway through, ColossalIsCrazy and HeyWatchYourMouth both died. Onision was also killed by Katie Triggers Me, who viewed Onision as a threat to Leafy's love.

Misha later had to leave because it was his bedtime. Elvis The Alien was killed when FouseyTUBE suicide-bombed him.

Eventually, the only people left standing were Leafy, Pyro and Grade, with all their enemies' bodies piled beneath them. However, just when they thought they'd won, Keemstar appeared and revealed he'd orchestrated the entire drama for the news! Keemstar used the moment to take a jab at Leafy, causing the Reptilian Brotherhood to pile onto him and maul him to death.

Leafy Vs. HeyWatchYourMouth

On October 2nd, 2016, HeyWatchYourMouth made a video exposing Leafy. HeyWatchYourMouth accused Leafy for not shouting him out in his video's for helping him out, telling him to make videos on H3h3 and for the reasons why Leafy & Grade attacked Keemstar.

On October 7th, 2016, Elvis The Alien made a video also exposing Leafy that got deleted for random reasons.

On October 9th, 2016, Leafy made a video responding to all of the Drama about him. Leafy apologizes for not giving enough credit to everyone that helped him & Leafy played video's of him giving shout out's to HeyWatchYourMouth. Leafy also explained that he only said that they can make a video on H3h3, not that they have to. At the end, Leafy said he won't apologize to Keemstar, beacuse Keemstar lied multiple times about him.


His fanbase call themselves "Reptilians" or "The Reptilian Brotherhood" and are known to go around spamming "HISS" on videos Leafy talks about. Multiple YouTubers and even the infamous hacker group "Lizard Squad" (known for hacking PSN and Xbox Live multiple times) have tweeted "hiss" at Leafy several times. He's also friends with several other YouTubers including Pyrocynical and GradeAUnderA.

Read more on Reptilian Brotherhood.


  • His profile picture is a screenshot of Tetra from The Legend of Zelda series/franchise, specifically from the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • Leafy has an alternative account named "LeafyIsntHere", where he uploads skits from his videos.
  • Leafy's channel growth is currently on par with PewDiePie, and he has managed to gain over a million subscribers in less than a month.
  • He grew up in Utah, the land of the Mormons.
  • On June 3rd, 2017 idubbbztv had officially passed Leafy on Youtube in terms of subscribers.

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