Silly minorities. Rights are for whites!
~ KKK breakfast cereal
The Ku Klux Klan is a racist hate group known for dressing up like ghosts and burning "T"s in front of black people's houses. The KKK used to be a powerful organization with over 13 chapters in the US, but nowadays they've been reduced to a bunch of small groups scattered throughout the American South. They mostly just meet in one of their member's living rooms to talk about how Obama's planning to "exterminate the white race" or something like that.


White Supremacy in Minecraft


KKK meets Minecraft YouTubers

Leafy first encountered the Ku Klux Klan when he reacted to a video titled "White Supremacy in Minecraft" where two Minecraft YouTubers with KKK skins talk through what sounds like a WWII mike before killing another Minecraft player with a blackface skin. Watching the video made Leafy need some positive vibes so he decided to react to something more positive instead, Freelee the Banana Girl's video on why meat-eaters should be killed.

Leafy vs The KKK

The KKK got into a bit of a conflict with LeafyIsHere after Leafy made a video criticizing the YouTuber Evalion. Some of her friends in the KKK saw the video and started sending death threats and videos to him through Twitter, calling him a "traitor to the white race", despite Leafy not being fully white.

One of the videos was made by a guy wearing a towel on his head. The video was basically him calling Leafy racial slurs, threatening him, and starting a petition on to get him to "suck a dick and die". Leafy made a response to him and stated that he was disgusted that someone would use for something like that, before signing the petition himself.


  • The KKK are considered by the American government to be a terrorist organization.
  • They're racist. Big surprise.