I am amazing! I am so good at FIFA! Look at me. I'm like a black god of FIFA!
~ Kodi deluding himself
On my channel, you just get boobs all the time.
~ Kodi trying to get people to subscribe

Kodi's girlfriend and the only reason why anyone watches his videos

Kodi Brown, known by himself as "Big Black", is a YouTuber who makes Strip FIFA videos. He tries to be gangsta in his videos but, unfortunately for him, being black doesn't automatically make you gangsta.

Because Kodi sucks at FIFA, it's rare to see the girl he's playing with remove any more than their socks.

History Edit

Kodi initially got popular off of doing Strip FIFA videos though he has since moved on to other things, causing his views to drop. Kodi appears to be trying to gain back the views he lost, even trying to appeal to weeaboos with some of his thumbnails.

Trivia Edit

  • He has even made a "Keemstar Exposed" video where he just reacts to Keemstar cringe compilations.

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