Where were you after school? We were gonna shank you. LOL.
~ -Your average Cyberbully

Kidscape is a London-based company that uploads "motivational" and "anti-bullying" videos to their YouTube channel.

History Edit

Leafy watched their video #DontSayDontSend Cyberbullying Campaign in his video THE MOST DEPRESSED VIDEO TO EVER EXIST ON YOUTUBE. The video shows teenagers texting and saying horrible things to the viewer, obviously trying to show that they are "cyberbullies". The video elevates as the depressed kids take pictures of shit and send it to others, threaten to shank each-other, and walk around with sticks in a threatening manner. At the end of the video, it shows the funeral of a kid who commit suicide because of all the hate directed at him. The video uses a ton of British slang that Leafy states he doesn't understand.

Leafy being a spineless sadist cyberbully, attempts to attack and prevent a child's charity - Kidscape, from helping kids with bullying issues.

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