Keemstar DramaAlert Nation
Fuck this, I'm on blog TV with my fucking hands up, I'm not starting my fucking self. You fucking stupid bitch, this stupid justice, all fucking righteous fucking NIGGER, Alex is doing this shit. You fucking nigger! I swear to fucking god I'm going to-

Yo- Everybody type in the chat "Alex is a stupid nigger." Just type in the chat "Alex is a stupid nigger." Fuck him. Fuck him!

~ Keemstar exposing Alex.
Everybody type in the chat Alex is a stupid nigger.
~ Keemstar's catchphrase.
I don't give a fuck about any of you, I'm in this for your money, and your money only, that's only what I care about. Alright. I only do this show for money that's it. Alright I don't do it to entertain people, That's just a fucking scam, I don't give a fuck about any of you, I really hope you die of cancer. I hate every single one of you. Fuck the fans! No sarcasm . No joking. Fuck the fans! Thank you.
~ At least Keemstar's being honest
You fucking nigger! I swear to fucking god!
~ Keemstar roasting Pyro
Keemstar says he always tells the truth but he's lying!
~ Stomedy's analysis of Keemstar[1]

Daniel Keem (Born: September 3, 1982), mostly known as Keemstar,is a Professional Jake Paul Hater who runs a YouTube news channel called DramaAlert where he basically just reads off tweets YouTubers send to each other while munching popcorn for 5 minutes. He used to be friends with LeafyIsHere until Leafy turned on him after seeing Keemstar's deceitful behaviour.

Keemstar is generally hated by most YouTubers and it's rare to find anyone who actually likes him. He has been called out by multiple people, including Leafy, Pyrocynical, GradeAUnderA and even PewDiePie. It is a known fact that Keemstar suffers from Mass Popcorn Consumption Disorder (MPCD).


Pre-YouTube Career

In 2009, a decade before Keemstar started his career on YouTube, he along with Alex were moderators on a now-defunct website called "". However, due to Alex frequently calling him a wop, cracker and deggo (derogatory terms referring to Italians), Keem took revenge by recording a video of himself on BattleCam and encourage everyone to type in the chat "Alex is a stupid nigger". The video didn't gain a lot of attention when it first came out, and it was later removed.

It is most likely unknown what happened to Keemstar after that incident, but it is possible that he got fired from his job as a mod on

With the "Federation of Asshole Gamers"

Prior to starting DramaAlert, the Gnome King went by the name "DJ KEEMSTAR". Keemstar was invited to become a member of a trolling group called the "Federation of Asshole Gamers" or F@G. Along with his fellow F@G members, he would go on Xbox Live and troll kids in Halo to post on their YouTube channel. He had a selectively large fanbase of 11 year olds which he dubbed "Keemstar Nation." The Federation's channel ended up getting deleted by YouTube, but Keemstar and his cult survived.

Keemstar made around 10 YouTube channels after that, but they all got deleted because Keem did not follow YouTube's Terms of Service. Eventually, Keemstar decided to pursue his goal of becoming a journalist and created DramaAlert.

To avoid having his channel get deleted, Keemstar had someone else create the channel for him, as YouTube does not allow you to create another channel after your first one gets deleted.

Leafy and Grade befriend Keemstar

LeafyIsHere came into contact with Keemstar after DramaAlert reported on the "hissing" meme and cited Leafy as its source. Over time, Leafy would eventually become semi-friends with Keemstar.

Later, DramaAlert would host the playground insult match between LeafyIsHere and Pyrocynical.

GradeAUnderA was initially working on an exposed video on Keemstar, however, as Grade sifted through Keemstar's past trolling videos, he eventually took a liking to him and contacted him to let him know what he was doing. Grade later appeared on DramaAlert to debate Joseph Costello, a semi-popular YouTube "prankster".

Keemstar's $1000 Symbol he got ripped off on Craigslist.

Keemstar backstabs Leafy

Leafy soon discovered that Keemstar had slagged both him and GradeAUnderA off behind their backs to another YouTuber named Luna. Combined with the fact that Keemstar had leaked photos of Pyrocynical's face without his permission and that he had threatened to doxx people, this prompted Leafy to make a video exposing Keem for all his actions.

After the video was uploaded, the Reptilian Brotherhood declared war on DramaAlert Nation and began spamming "HISSSSSS" in the comments of all of Keemstar's videos. Leafy's video also inspired other YouTubers to come forward and share their experiences with Keemstar.

Keemstar Plays the Victim

Why am I still getting hate?
~ Keemstar spawns another meme

In response to the hate towards him, Keemstar took a break and left TyTrends, to run DramaAlert in his absence. He also posted on Twitter his "side of the story". In his post, he claims he gave Leafy his first big shout-out and that he convinced him to donate to FUPA, an account started by h3h3 to defend YouTubers from false copyright strikes. He also states that the reason for Leafy turning him on was because someone told Leafy he was talking shit about him and GradeAUnderA behind their backs. Totally. It's not because he threatened to doxx or release his private DMs or anything. He ended by apologizing for saying the "N" word eight years ago.

His "break from the Internet" went on and off for three days. He held a poll on Twitter to determine whether or not he should return to host DramaAlert. After the majority of people voted "No", he held another poll and, despite getting an even worse result, he announced he would be returning to host DramaAlert anyway.

Upon returning, he attempted to roast Leafy by saying he stabbed him with a knife. He also reported on some tweets Bashur made attacking Leafy for calling him a rapist in one of his videos, probably trying to make Leafy seem worse than him. The comments section soon erupted with a debate about who was the bigger cancer of the Internet: Leafy or Keemstar?


Keemstar in real life

Leafy and Grade Retaliate

Leafy was initially not going to make another video on the Gnome King, but after Keemstar started threatening to release the private info of YouTubers who were going to make videos about him, Leafy decided to make another video on him. Leafy stated that Keemstar had leaked the info of another YouTuber, Josh A, and sent his DramaAlert Nation to attack him. He also showed a clip from YouTuber Luna, who claimed that Keemstar had shit-talked GradeAUnderA to him for not wanting to join a YouTube team with him.

GradeAUnderA also uploaded a two-part video exposing Keemstar. In in, he calls for everyone to band together to #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain one last time and stated that he had a plan to take down Keemstar. He also exposes some more of the shit Keem has done and calls for his fans to subscribe to Keemstar's competitor, Scarce, in order to take him down.

The video was criticized by a lot of people, including NFKRZ, for not having many citations (Grade even at one point uses Joey Salads as a source).

Eventually, the combined efforts of Leafy and Grade caused DramaAlert to lose over 200,000 subscribers though ironically, they also brought the channel more views than ever before. Once again, Keemstar stepped down as host of DramaAlert and gave the position to TyTrends. This, ironically, brought more hate to the channel; this time from the 10-year-old members of DramaAlert Nation, who were still loyal to Keem and didn't take kindly to someone else filling his position. Keemstar stilled owned the channel, however, and Ty claimed that Keem will still host the show from time to time.

Keemstar Returns and Quits Yet Again

Keemstar later returned to host DramaAlert and uploaded a response video to the allegations made against him by LeafyIsHere, GradeAUnderA and Pyrocynical, where he calls them all "lies" and "slander."

In response to this, Leafy uploaded a third video addressing and refuting Keemstar's arguments against him.

On July 24, 2016, Keem uploaded a video to his twitter where he states that he's quitting, not just YouTube, but the entire Internet. Like the other times he's "quit," he returned to DramaAlert in less than a week and claimed he had been kidnapped by ISIS.

The hate against Keemstar eventually died down and Keem began to reclaim his lost subscribers, almost getting back to the 1.5 million mark.

Keemstar's Revenge

However, because he's Keemstar, he eventually fucked it up again.

30 minutes after Ecy uploaded a video "exposing" Leafy for using sub bots, Keemstar threw his hat in the ring and uploaded a video reporting on Ecy's claims and presenting them as facts. He also made up some story about Leafy going to Keemstar and telling him about a site where you could purchase bots to like your videos. But Keemstar said "no" cause he's an "upstanding" YouTuber

However, Ecy later deleted the video and posted a video apologizing to Leafy, saying that he should have done more research. Keemstar's response to his evidence being deleted was to make a tweet accuse Ecy of being bribed by Leafy.

Leafy later made a fourth video on Keemstar after Keem started alleging that Leafy was using sub bots. He started by refuting Ecy's video that started the rumors, before moving on to Keemstar's video. He then said that he was considering suing Keemstar for slander, and had his friend Zaptie (who attended law school) state how exactly Keem had committed slander against Leafy. He ended the video by thanking Zaptie, ColossalIsCrazy, Dolan Dark and HeyWatchYourMouth for helping him out and linked their channels in the description.

Keemstar then tried to get in a Flame War on with Leafy on Twitter. He tweeted at Leafy several times calling him a liar and even offered to fund any lawsuits against Leafy.

Passively Aggressively attacking Leafy

I am not having trouble letting it go. I am not going to let it go. You're saying this like I'm trying to let it go. I am never letting it go. I'm gonna to be ninety-six years old and I'm gonna be in a motherfucking nursing home saying "That kid is an emo faggot" Right? "who's a lying piece of shit" Alright? "who lied about his own goddamn parents saying his parents had a fucking drug problem for sympathy from fucking kids so he could be more relatable. That dude is a fucking scumbag." Alright? I'm going to be in the nursing home blasting him. Don't say I'm having trouble letting it go because I am not letting it go!
~ Keemstar on episode 7 of Baited!, six minutes in[2]

Keemstar would go on to attack Leafy several times after that, even devoting an entire episode of DramaAlert to mocking him.

Later, during the IDubbbzTV controversy, Keemstar reported Leafy's loss of subscribers all while acting as giddy as a schoolgirl. He also neglected to report iDubbbz's tweet telling people not to unsub from Leafy because of his video.


Let's get ROOOOOOIIIIIIIGHT into the neeeewwwws!
~ Keemstar's battlecry in every DramaAlert episode
DramaAlert is the YouTube channel that Keemstar hosts. It's description states that it is the "#1 source for news on the social interations in online entertainment" (The number one source being Scarce). Half the video titles have "PewDiePie" in them in order to attract more viewers. Keemstar goes out of his way to find a story involving PewDiePie, even if it's the most miniscule thing. For example, one time he reported on PewDiePie getting a noise complaint.

The playground insult match between LeafyIsHere and Pyrocynical was hosted on his channel. He has also hosted discussions between Leafy and other YouTubers, such as Whitney Wisconsin (the dog fucker herself) or Tila Tequila (The alien from another world).

Lately though, the channel hasn't been getting as many views. Probably because most DramaAlert fans are also Leafy fans, who left after Leafy exposed him in a video.

Scarce surpassed DramaAlert in subscribers on July 16th, 2016. DramaAlert still has yet to change their description to "the #2 source for news on the social interactions in online entertainment".

Keemstar in a nutshell

Shit That Keemstar has Done

  • He has doxxed Scarce, another news channel on YouTube, twice! He also threatened to come to his house and "have a talk with him". According to Scarce, Keemstar doesn't live that far from him so this "talk" is somewhat possible.
  • When TotalBiscuit announced he had been diagnosed with cancer, Keemstar made a Twitter literally telling him that he couldn't wait to report his death like an A grade assoholic bitch.
  • He falsely accused a 62 year-old man named Tony of being a pedophile. His only evidence for this was that he kinda looked like another pedo named John Phillips who was currently serving jail time. To be fair, he did take down the video and apologize once he realized his mistake, blaming it on his "news crew". Fortunately, Scarce was able to sort everything out the day afterward. He still hasn't apologized.
  • He has falsely accused another YouTuber of being a pedo. This time it was Pyrocynical. He accused him of dating a 15 year-old girl. He later magically changed the age of the imaginary girl to 14 and again to 13.
  • He also posted pictures of Pyrocynical's face on the Internet without Pyro's permission after Pyro criticized his video on the Toby Turner rape allegations. When he got called out, his defense was that they were already on the Internet. Keep in mind, Keemstar has over 1 million followers on his Twitter. Pyro ended up having to delete his Facebook because of this.
  • He has stated that one of the Golden Rules of the Internet is never release private conversations. This didn't stop him from threatening to release Leafy's private DMs when Leafy said he might be making a video on him, proving once and for all that the Gnome king is the biggest hypocrite ever. He also threatened to doxx him.
  • He released the personal Skype information of a YouTuber named JoshA. And after Keem apologized, he offered Josh money so he would take the video down, but Josh refused.
  • Yet another person that Keemstar accused of being a pedophile was Bashurverse. His shit-head fans were harassing Bashur so much, that he almost committed suicide. Bashur is now trying to take legal action against Keemstar. Maybe he and Leafy should sue Keem at the same time!
  • According to GradeAUnderA, Joey Salads, and a YouTuber who has made more videos of Kuntstar than anyone, Chosen, have stories of Keem ordering a fifteen-year old girl to strip naked for him on a live stream.
  • He had called somebody a racist name. RIP ALEX.
  • Falsely Accused other Youtubers doing stuff that they didn't do.
  • Accused More people of Being Pedos and he raped a Young Girl.





  • If you want to watch a news channel that isn't run by an unprofessional, biased piece of shit, check out Scarce.
  • Since Keemstar is banned from running a YouTube channel himself, all of the YouTube channels he's affiliated with have a disclaimer that says: "Daniel Keem a.k.a KEEMSTAR did not create, nor does he possess or have access to any part of this channel. He is a contracted content producer which according to the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines is 100% okay." This disclaimer has been heavily questioned among all the drama involving him (psst, it's fake).
  • When he found out he had falsely accused an old man of being a pedo, his first reaction was to worry about his career, and not man whom he had falsely accused.
  • He apparently got into many fights as a teenager and had sex with a religious girl named Briana.
  • He supports Donald Trump for US president. Seriously.
  • Pyro is looking to see if he can sue Keemstar for defamation of character because of the false pedophilia accusations he made against him.
  • He has a 10 year old daughter named Mia.
  • He says he used to see Leafy as his protege.
  • Dillon The Hacker has stated that he watches Keemstar and loves him.
  • Keemstar has a new show called "Battle For The Channel". However, it is not out yet but we all know that it's going to be bullshit.
  • He hosts a podcast called Baited! with tommycsftp and ColossalIsCrazy.
  • He also does vines where he tries to be "hip" by using some stale meme. In most cases it results in the viewer cringe and want to chug bleach.
  • He reminds everyone to use code KEEM on G Fuel.
  • McJuggerNuggets is a fan of him.
  • He used to have a Wikipedia page but it got deleted for being shit.
  • He has accused Leafy of lying about his parent's drug addiction.
  • He is of Italian descent.
  • His father was an abusive alcoholic redneck. So if you wanna look for a reason for why Keem is such a rat, blame his shit-head dad.
  • Keem did catch at least one pedophile, Lionmaker, who was dating a sixteen year old chick. Keep in mind that Lionmaker was twenty seven at the time.
  • He's a Smurf.