Katie Triggers Me, also known as the Red-Haired Anime Girl, was a fangirl of LeafyIsHere until she "broke up" with him and started stalking Pyrocynical like a grade A yandere.


She was first featured in a Leafy video where she deep-throats water to "quench her thirst for him". She was later seen in another video where she tapes a picture of Leafy's to an anime body pillow... that's not even close to a joke, sadly!

Katie later discovered Pyrocynical's channel and, enamored by his British accent and cancerous aura, left Leafy for Pyro. Leafy didn't really care, as he still had Whitney to stalk him. She was featured on Pyro's channel where he reacted to a poem she made for him before going and getting several restraining orders placed against her, good on him!

Katie later deleted all of her videos, except one, where she explains that she won't be making videos until she's old enough to make her own decisions.

She later returned to uploading videos three days later and now makes videos alongside her friend Alex. Heather, or "Shut the fuck up Heather", one of Katie's best friends makes occasional appearances in her videos.


  • She's an anti-feminist.
  • According to her, only one of her friends came to her 18th birthday party.
  • Leafy has implied he thinks that Katie is low-key cute. Who can blame him?