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I'm a good guy. Try me out! (Plz)
~ Joseph "The Beast" Strickland
Joseph Strickland, aka Joseph8276 or "The Beast" is the king pussy destroyer of YouTube. He has managed to survive entirely on a diet of left-over Big Macs in his fridge, causing his body to puff up to gelatinous proportions.

History Edit

LeafyIsHere first reacted to his video where he tells girls to lower their standards and go out with him (pleeeeaaaase!). Ironically, he doesn't lower his own standards and states that he won't date any fat chicks.

Leafy again reacted to him, this time watching his video on why Hip-Hop needs change now because the people who make it wear baggy clothes. That is literally his reasoning.

Trivia Edit

  • He is currently being tried for possession of child porn. Seriously.

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