Leafy attempts to roast Johnny's music video cringing about the song lyrics, being a dumbass who does zero research and doesn't know who "Shawn Mendes" is, nor what it means by "cover song". Everyone laughed at Leafy, mocked him, and over 9,466 unsubbed from Leafy's cringey channel!
~ -9 yr old Johnny fangirl who vandelized the wiki with complete stupidity

Johnny Orlando is another kid seeking fame through making fucking shitty songs and covers, similar to Jacob Sartorius. He is known to have overly-budgeted music videos, most of them having the money supplied by his rich ass parents.

Johnny Orlando is not as hated as much as other well known shitty vine kids, but ever since Leafy made a video on him, hate has grown tremendously.

He is also known for trying succeeding to recreate the Star Wars movies through his music videos.

About The first video he posted on his Youtube channel was "Justin Bieber- Mistletoe (Covered by JohnnyOsings Age 8)

Music Career

Johnny has made many covers of popular songs, successfully leeching fame off of other artists. He finally made his own song, titled "Let Go". Leafy reacted to "Let Go" in his video titled, THE CRINGIEST KID ON THE INTERNET ATTEMPTS TO RAP.


  • Johnny is also known for his pedo stare. Legend says that girls will fall to him with one stare from Johnny.
  • Johnny has a fetish for cameras.
  • Johnny is known as "The Cringiest Kid On The Internet".

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