Hey everyone, it's Joe from Joey's Super Kool Food Reviews, I'M BAAAAAAAACCK
~ Joey's intro
Joseph Hernandez, better known by his aliases JoeysWorldTour, is an obese YouTube food reviewer, critic, vlogger, and "personal chef". He has made several videos, (some of them are deleted now), of him doing various food challenges (and sometimes getting sick in the process). Leafy has reacted to several of his food-eating videos. Joey is known for having an extremely hyperactive and peppy nature in his reviews as well as the orgasmic noises he seems to make while eating.


Leafy has made many videos on Joey, specifically ones where he stuffs a whole fucking bowl of nacho cheese into his mouth, where he consumes vinegar and baking soda, a bucket of wasabi, and a whole jar of Nutella.

Joey is still making food reviews today, not letting hate pull him down. He shockingly has over 100,000+ subscribers for some reason, though a majority of the comments on Joey's videos are of trolls that make sexual comments towards him as well as the occasional fan supporting his material.


  • He is the brother of a Mancubus from Doom.
  • His slightly less fat Mexican cousin is Michael Mahmoud.
  • He was shown in a video about Noah Foxx.
  • His chin is so fat, it makes a literally greasy sound whenever he moves it.
  • He is fatter than Fat Albert.
  • He's on a diet...of fast food.
  • Noah Foxx referenced Joey's intro at the beginning of "Noah's Happy Video Time 2"
  • He graduated college with a degree in the Culinary Arts.