Not to be confused with Jacob Sartorius.
Are you feeling it now, Donald Trump?
~ Jacob Nobles confessing his love for President Trump

Jacob Daniel Nobles, also known as Jacob Nobles or Jacob No-balls, and Victoria Paris, is a YouTuber that appears in Leafy's video "CRAZY MAN PLUNGES HIMSELF FOR DONALD TRUMP" known for uploading videos filming himself in the bathroom with his sister's underwear holding a plunger.


Leafy has reacted to one of his videos where he plunges himself and shakes his ass for his waifu Donald Trump. Leafy stated that he should be thrown into a mental asylum.


  • Even though he's 18 years old, he still looks and sounds like if he's 12-14 years old.
  • He once ate his sister's menstrual pad with blood on it in a video where he confesses his love for Ellen DeGeneres.
  • It is unknown if Nobles' parents know if he makes these types of videos.
  • While not generally confirmed, Jacob Nobles' videos might be possibly satire.
  • He has a daddy fetish
  • He created a dance move called the "wenis". "Wenis" is also a nickname for the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Unas.