Not to be confused with Jacob Sartorius.
Are you feeling it now, Donald Trump?
~ Jacob Nobles confessing his love for Trump

Jacob Daniel Nobles, also known as Jacob Nobles or Jacob No-balls, and Victoria Paris, is a YouTuber that appears in Leafy's video "CRAZY MAN PLUNGES HIMSELF FOR DONALD TRUMP" known for uploading videos filming himself in the bathroom with his sister's underwear holding a plunger.

History Edit

Leafy has reacted to one of his videos where he plunges himself and shakes his ass for his waifu Donald Trump. Leafy stated that he should be thrown into a fucking mental asylum.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though he's 18 years old, he still looks and sounds like if he's 12-14 years old.
  • He once ate his sister's menstrual pad with blood on it in a video where he confesses his love for Ellen DeGeneres.
  • It is unknown if Nobles' parents know if he makes these types of videos.
  • While not generally confirmed, Jacob Nobles' videos might be possibly satire.
  • He has a daddy fetish


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