Who is this cute little lesbian, and how tight is her pussy?.
~ IDubbz roasting Leafy.
I'm gay!
~ iDubbbzTV's alter ego, the Green Cunt.
I Have Crippling Depression
i Have Osteoporosis

Ian Carter mostly known as iDubbbzTV is a popular YouTuber with an uncanny resemblance to a balding sex offender. His content consists of unboxing mail his fans send him and making uncategorized videos in a style similar to FilthyFrank, who he has collaborated with multiple times, bringing a small amount of fame to his channel. He is the creator of a series called "Content Cop", where he goes after other YouTubers. He was the subject of a big controversy with LeafyIsHere in mid-September 2016 due to Leafy being shown in one of his Content Cop videos.


On September 12, 2016, iDubbbz uploaded an episode of Content Cop titled "Content Cop - Leafy", where goes after and roasts Leafy about his "weak chin". After the video was uploaded, Leafy began to rapidly lose subscribers. However, IDubbbz later made a tweet calling out the people who unsubbed to Leafy because of his video, labeling them all as weak. He also started the hashtag "WeLoveYouCalvin".

Leafy also gained defense from Onision who pointed out iDubbbz's striking resemblance to a mentally handicapped rapist. NFKRZ responded to Onision's tweet by calling him a Mormon, but no one could understand him.

Leafy later responded to iDubbbz in a video roasting iDubbbz's roast video on Leafy. Even Keemstar admitted it was pretty good... However, it didn't stop iDubbbz's fantards from flooding the comments section.


  • He has made videos going after popular and infamous YouTubers, most notably Keemstar, (Who states that he agrees with iDubbbz), and Jinx.
  • He has two brothers named Troy and Kevin.