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h3h3Productions, real name Ethan Klein, is a popular YouTuber who makes comedy videos and videos of him reacting to shitty YouTubers with his wife, Hila Klein. He used to be an enemy of LeafyIsHere, but the two have since made up and become friendly to each other again. But Leafy secretly hated him.


Controversy with Leafy and Pyro

H3h3 used to be a friend of Leafy and was someone who Leafy would occasionally come to for advice. He even sucked Leafy's dick at one point and said that he was just happy to see Leafy getting popular. However, he turned on Leafy when he started getting called out for the video he made about TommyNC2010. H3h3 quickly jumped on the hate train and made a video attacking Leafy. The drama escalated as Pyrocynical and Leafy started making videos about the ordeal.

Leafy mocks a victim with autism, TommyNC2010, fakes saying sorry, just to leak private messages of H3H3 who called him out on it. Leafy then goes onto mocking/harassing TommyNC2010's friend WetMovie1.

As for Leafy not knowing Tommy was autistic. Lets say Leafy doesn't do a second of research to see the video clearly titled "I am TommyNC2010 and autism does not define me" right before the one he mocked. Leafy only said sorry after H3H3 forced him. Leafy then goes and leaks private messages of H3H3. Both Leafy and H3H3 where previously hating on Pyro, but Leafy censors his own hate and makes H3H3 look like the bad guy. Shifts blame/focus off himself and scapegoats. Then Leafy goes onto repeating that same abuse to TommyNC2010's friend WetMovie1.

Making Up with Leafy

Ethan later removed his rant video on Leafy and uploaded a video explaining why, saying that he wasn't proud of it. In response, Leafy took down his video on h3h3 and said on Twitter that he hoped to put behind their "YouTube beef".


Ever since this incident, Leafy secretly hated him. Ethan even starred in IDubbbzTV's Content Cop on Leafy, possibly giving Leafy more reasons to hate him. But Idubbbz videos caused Leafy's jawline to cringe.



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